About Us

It has long been recognized, by people from all walks of life, that gardening and growing crops offers more than just steady supply of food and medicine. For many it’s a hobby and a great way to relax. For others, growing their own crops means that they determine what goes into their crops and what doesn’t. With the rising threat of genetically modified food, unknown pesticides and herbicides with unknown substances, and increased prices in the local markets, growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruits is one answer many are opting for. For others, it is the challenge and the reward of beauty and harvest you will reap. Sadly, though for some gardening can be impractical due to physical space or the weather depending on where you live, and for those people we have the answer, INDOOR GARDENING.

What Maximum Grow Offers

We offer classes on a monthly basis to teach how indoor gardening is possible even on the smallest budget. To produce a healthy crop from minimal amount of space is by no means a difficult task, as hydroponics proves this is very possible. We will help you design and build whether it is a custom hydroponic system or simple pots of dirt to be able to meet everyone’s wishes and desires. We are committed to our customers and excited to begin growing and learning together today.

Our Capabilities

With over 30 years of combined experience with hydroponics and indoor gardening, we at Maximum Grow have learned and designed what we feel to be the most universal and user-friendly hydroponic system. We took into consideration space, simplicity, and weekly maintenance requirements and have developed a custom system that even the newest in the industry can see and reap the rewards.

At Maximum Grow Gardening we are excited about the indoor gardening industry and how much it is growing. Every day is new learning experience, as new products continue to be developed, the interest and demand for these products increases. Our mission is to be so well in touch with our customers, that as they find these new products through their own growing experience, this interest is relayed back to us. It is our goal to investigate and learn about these new products and to test them prior to just selling them for our customers. At Maximum Grow Gardening, we do not want to just be another supply store, but rather an interactive store with displays, allowing our customers to observe firsthand how these products perform prior to buying them. We will be constantly learning and experimenting, and our pledge is to provide you with the support and knowledge you require to make informed decisions.

Our Commitment to You

 Our commitment to you is to put your needs ahead of our profits. We do this by first understanding what you are attempting to do and then explain to you the different ways of accomplishing it. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of products, explain the difference in the products and explain the pricing of the products. We explain why you do not need the most expensive products to achieve the best results. It is not always the cost of a product or the name brand of the product, many times it comes down to the information, knowledge and expertise of the people selling the product. This is where and why we are the difference!

Our Message to You

 At Maximum Grow we understand that hydroponics can be intimidating to someone new to the world of indoor gardening and hydroponics. That is why we put on monthly interactive classes where our customers can come in, ask questions and become skilled at how our products work. With our hands on instruction, you will learn how to notice and fix problems prior to them being irreversible.