Welcome To Maximum Grow Online

At Maximum Grow we understand that you, the grower, have choices when it comes to purchasing your Hydroponics Products. So, the obvious question is, why should you purchase from us? Let us explain...


On the retail level, we want to earn you business by understanding your projects with considerations to your budget. We want to provide you with only what you need to assure your growing success. We want to assist you every step of the way as you need us. We consider grower to be part of our family, whether they are our customer or someone else's.


On the online level, we realize that many times it comes down to price and we may not be as competitive on this level as other online outlets. However, when you call us, you will get a person that can assist you with your products, answer your questions on products and growing and a business that truly understands Hydroponics. We also take pride in the fact that we treat our online customer the same way we treat our retail customer and that is probably the most noticeable difference you will see at Maximum Grow.  






We Use Advanced Technologies

Many believe the only way to grow crops is in soil, but with hydroponics it opens opportunities for larger, more reliable and faster yields. Thru the advancements in technology, with multiple lighting options and many different hydroponic systems, this opens the opportunity  to be able to grow any plant, anytime, anywhere. The knowledgeable staff at Maximum Grow Gardening can help you design a hydroponics system on even the smallest budget. 



Complete and Simple Starter Hydroponc Kits


Our Simple Hydroponic Starter Kit contains all the essential items in one professional kit at a price even the novice can afford. Included is a Pioneer Jr T5 light with a stand, timer, deep water culture hydroponic system, airpump, airstone and tubing, 3 part General Hydroponic nutrients, Ph control kit and instructions for up to 8 plants. As with all of our hydroponic grow systems, you get everything you need to start growing from day one. There's nothing else to buy except the plants you want to grow and the water they need to live. For the more experienced indoor gardeners we offer intermediate and advavanced kits.






The Best Growing Professionals

Growing the majority of all our produce organically through hydroponics, we can offer the freshest, safest, and most delicious produce to our chefs. 

Everyone knows how much freshness can affect the taste of the produce and fruits you eat.  Using technology to have an indoor garden is now more reasonable and productive than ever. The health benefits are unsurpassed.


The Best Seeds and Herbs


We have a wide variety of plants and herbs that are available to grow indoors. The fact is, we can now provide plants the optimum natural growing environment that they thrive in most. 
With the rising demand for eating healthy, eliminating the concerns of what herbicides and pesticides have been put on your produce is of major importance. So come in to Maximum Grow and see how we can help you with a healthier life style.