Contacting Maximum Grow

Maximum Grow Gardening is located at 6117 E Washington St, directly across from the NAPA auto parts store in Irvington. We are an interactive indoor and outdoor gardening supply store. We will be supplying all your seed needs to include vegetables, herbs and even grass seed. We will also be supplying different soils and soil less mediums, lighting systems, hydroponic systems and components, and all of your plants nutritional needs.


Maximum Grow Gardening
6117 East Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: 317.359.GROW (4769)
FAX: 317.359.4770


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What Maximum Grow Offers

With the threat of genetically modified food, unknown pesticides and herbicides used today and increase of produce prices, growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruits is what many people are opting for. Gardening offers more than just a steady supply of food, for many it is a hobby and a wonderful way to relax. Sadly though for some gardening can be impractical due to physical space or the weather depending on where you live, and for those people we have the answer, indoor gardening. We will be offering free classes to teach how self-sustainment is possible for everyone YEAR ROUND.